Weight of society

Shout out to all moms out there.

Whether you’re about to give birth, have just given birth, or have given birth at some point in your life, you are a fucking warrior.

Your body did the most sacred, selfless duty that required so damn much of your will power and surrender.

Not only did you shape shift into a vessel but then you shifted even deeper into a mother. A job that demands all of our time, attention, awareness, and compassion and leaves little time to process the transition that we had just experienced.

The death and rebirth of our new self as mom.

As we walked into the birth labyrinth, our womb did its job without much mental effort because our bodies are programmed to know exactly what to do. After that job is finished and we have to make our way out of the the labyrinth, we are suddenly expected to “bounce back” and become the care taker, aka superwoman. And to that I just want to say, the “bounce back” isn’t much of a bounce at all.

Sure, some ladies make it look as graceful as can be. Some really take their time and dive into the healing aspect of postpartum with bed rest, nutritional meals, herbs, and meditation. Some women know how to position the framing of an Instagram photo to show just what they want you to see. And others have another baby on their hands or other things to tend to or maybe they just don’t know how to slow down because there is a heavy weight on their shoulders as society has convinced them that they need to bounce back quickly to become Super Mom.

I just want to say to ALL the moms out there, I see you.

I’m sorry that we are under such pressure to do it all and to always be strong and to rush through the healing, vulnerable after birth months of postpartum. Nothing about postpartum is easy but for some moms its exceptionally challenging. Like when depression hits you hard even though you’ve always believed that these moments were going to be the happiest times of your life, or when your relationship gets all shaken up and you no longer feel supported or grounded. Or like when you’ve been told your entire pregnancy that breastfeeding will help you to “get your body back” quickly. BULLSHIT. (Well at least for me). I’m part of that group of women who actually gain weight while breastfeeding because that’s what my body needs to do to provide high caloric milk to my baby girl. And you know what? shes as healthy as could be, growing like a weed, and so damn happy.

While that makes it a little easier to appreciate this journey, every time I look in the mirror my egotistical/superficial mind gets a rude awakening.

I do not need to bounce back to be worthy of anything.

You do not need to bounce back to be worthy of anything.

And truth is, no one should even want to bounce back because that would mean returning to something that we were before we created life.

There is no going back after your womb expands for new life, there is only moving forward into your new role.

There is only acceptance and grace and compassion towards yourself and towards moms everywhere, knowing we have all faced this battle and will continue to face these issues.

The months, even years, after having a baby will be the most vulnerable days of our lives because just as our baby has been birthed into a new world, we have been gone through a rebirth. We have started over into a new light after our biggest surrender of opening.

Today I begin to release any judgments towards myself, comparison with others, and regret towards what I didn’t have the chance to do.

Everything happened exactly as it should because I am right where I need to be.

This body is a miracle and has performed miracles.

Everyday I will work towards self acceptance, self love, self care, and compassion towards all of you out there who are silently battling with whatever it is that you’re facing.

We are not alone in this journey of motherhood.

As a collective, we can heal and rewrite what our needs are during the postpartum transition.

I am proud of the woman I am becoming.

I am proud of the woman I have been.

So for today, choose love and choose yourself because you are worthy.

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