I was one made to believe that I was “too much to handle”. 

My Emotions,



Daily struggles,

Mental battles,

What I wanted,

What I needed,

How I handled things,

All of this was deemed



Your life takes a unusual shift when you find out that people who love you view you in this light, but it’s an entirely different shake up when you start to believe it. 

My emotions are too much- I should repress them. 

My perspective is too much- I’m clearly delirious, I need help. 

My tone is too much- I should be quiet. 

My daily struggles are too much- don’t share them, be quiet. 

My mental battles are too much- be quiet be quiet, you’re fine. 

What I want is too much- stop wanting things, stop being greedy. 

What I need is too much- you don’t need anything, stop being selfish. 

How I handle things is too much- change everything about yourself, you’re doing it all wrong. 

Well shit, now what. 

When the view of your own personal world gets distorted from the perspective of someone who isn’t capable of handling your individuality, you end up covered in unseeable bruises from being shoved in a box too small for you. 

If you can relate to this, blow the lid off that box and rise into your power. 

“Too much” is just a fear tactic to gain control. 

“Too much to handle” is a back handed compliment. 

Take up space and be all that you are without confining yourself to any limitations. 

You’re allowed to have loud emotions and a different perspective. Your tone of voice is allowed to change and adapt to your circumstances. Your daily struggles and mental battles should be acknowledged without negativity. What you want and what you need are what make you unique.

Don’t be quiet. 

Don’t silence yourself. 

The healing is messy. When you rise into your self worth, you might also face some self doubt. 

So do what you need to do- 

Yell, howl, shout, sing, stomp, dance, feel, cry, laugh. 

Speak up. 

Stand firmly with both effort and ease. 

Your light, 

Your beauty, 

and your presence 

Are far too spectacular to ever been contained. 

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