It’s been a full month since I’ve started taking medication for ADHD and I have so much to say:

Being numb is not better than feeling sad or disappointed.

I forgot how much I enjoyed life.

I forgot how much I enjoyed having neat and decluttered surroundings.

I didn’t realize the depth of darkness I was actually living in.

I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy being in the school setting again.

I forgot how much I liked to learn.

I am realizing that I’m not actually afraid of people.

I can see now that a lot of my food pickiness came from sensory issues.

I don’t have to hit a wall at 4 PM every day.

I no longer feel like I have to be dependable on coffee.

There are enough hours in the day.

The sunrise is worth waking up early for every single morning.

And I forgot how special sunsets can be.

Maintaining conversations with adults is not as hard as I once believed that it was .

I don’t have to snap every time I feel overwhelmed.

It’s always okay to ask for help.

Staying silent while searching for proper words isn’t as intimidating as my mind wants me to believe it is.

I am allowed to speak my own truth without twisting it to make others comfortable.

I am allowed to feel sad for the lack of support I’ve received in my life without putting the blame on anyone.

I feel myself smiling again for no reason.

There is no shame in taking medication to help navigate mental health matters.

My love for serving and empowering others hasn’t gone anywhere, I just couldn’t feel it through the fog.

I happy-cried for the first time the other day in a very long time.

Life is challenging but those challenges don’t have to be absolutely consuming.

I didn’t realize that I’ve been carrying perfectionist tendencies for a very long time. 

I forgot how much I enjoyed hearing my own deep breath.

I forgot how powerful my voice is.

And I forgot how important it is to love myself.

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Dear me,

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  1. divergentexotics Avatar

    The power behind that smiling for no reason ain’t no joke.


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