Sit with it

In many ways, we’ve been brought up to quiet any talk or thoughts regarding the state of our own mental health.

Emotions are labeled as good and bad.

As kids we are often told that we are okay rather than asked.

As adults we’ve formulated a robotic response of “I’m okay” when asked.

If we cry too much it’s labeled as melodrama and if we don’t cry at all then we are clearly pent up.

Any indication of anger means rage and sadness needs an immediate fix.

Embarrassment is often hushed or masked with laughter.

Fear is often frowned upon because we all want to seem “strong”.

Speaking about anxiety usually leads to gaslighting.. “yeah, everyone feels that way.”

And the worst of all is when happiness is dimmed by the worry of when it will slip away. 

Most of us are constantly running away from our emotions because that’s what we’ve been taught, it’s what we’ve seen, or it’s all we know. 

When you’re in a wave of anger, do you ever think to stop and sit with the discomfort? Have you observed how that anger manifests in your body?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes it means sweaty hands, flushed cheeks, short breath, tightened jaw, unsettled stomach, loud and pulsing heartbeat?

Have you ever taken that moment to witness such a dreaded emotion in all of its glory?

It’s not often that the opportunity arises because normally when that wave comes we get carried off into a mindless reaction (that we usually have to make right when things are settled). 

And if you haven’t confronted anger, ask yourself why

Is it because you don’t want to see the perceived ugliness that comes from that side of yourself?

Are you running from what others have deemed to be wrong? 

How about happiness? 

In the beauty of all things joyful, do you sit with it or do you anticipate what’s next?

Can you feel the genuine smile lines coming from your eyes as you beam with light? Or the flutters that ripple into your belly? Maybe there’s the sigh of relief that extends your lungs to their fullest expression. Or perhaps you cry tears because you’re overwhelmed with gratitude. 

Why is it that we’ll sit with this one but not the other? We tend bask in all things light and often run from any sign of dark. 

Just a reminder that the dark holds just as much wisdom as the light.

The sensations you experience when you move through something you’ve labeled as bad can give you insight to a more wholesome and more compassionate version of yourself. 

Maybe that place of discomfort is actually where the transformation begins. 

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