Dark poetry

We are so quick to close the door after an experience. 

We allow the small details to fester and disintegrate within our own bodies and minds. 

But why not keep that door open and allow others to see in?

Why not allow others to watch the unfolding and unraveling? 

Not because I think it’s important to air out every detail of our lives but because I believe it’s importatnt to offer insight, encourage relatability, nurture connections, and cultivate space to feel a collective presence.

Perhaps others can offer compassion and understanding, or learn and gain a new perspective.

And maybe, just maybe, someone can hear and see you for who you really are and not the façade you try to maintain. 

We are building a culture of fostering a fine tuned image.

We build ourselves up on highlights and wins, and feed into this idea that self worth is in the hands of our surrounding peers.

We design an image that we think everyone else will be comfortable with. 

And if we hear that there is discomfort in this portrayal, then we keep it to ourselves as if their discomfort can define who we are or who we are becoming. 

I choose my path just as you choose yours.  

I choose not to tiptoe, but instead run full-force into the dark poetry that is my life. 

I choose to dance in the untamable wind that guides me to each and every decision. 

I choose to sing so loudly that I drain out my thoughts. 

I choose to love and let go. 

I choose to nourish the experience of life rather than run from the idea of suffering. 

I choose to see beauty and pain. 

I choose not to allow the duality of life to scare me away but instead invite all of the spaces in between to come together in a chaotic whirlwind of existence. 

I choose to invite others into this place of expression, knowing that we all have experiences to share and wisdom to learn from each other. 

If I choose to let you in, please lean into your own discomfort instead of placing it into my lap.

Because while honor your feelings, your emotions, and your time here, that does not mean that I can suppress myself to tiptoe around your pain and your triggers. 

If choosing to share my life is what I find as a form of expression, then that’s the direction that I will speak.

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  1. thriftplanenjoyd34977dd4e Avatar

    I absolutely love the power of your writing. Especially this one, because I totally relate to it!

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