Dim lights,

Strong voices,

Vibrating electricity,

Competing noises.

Lip biting,

Skin picking,

Nail chewing,

Anxiety tripping.

I hear in color,

And can see in sound.

I feel in waves,

The emotion compounds.

Honing in on details,

And processing words,

Watching every expression,

As my mind tries to learn.

I feel so different,

Sometimes left behind.

Am I lost?

Or just misaligned?

Am I really not okay?

Or is this just something I’ve picked up along the way?


I stand on a crumbled foundation,

Begging for stability.

Dancing between the ebb and flow,

Drowning in vulnerability.

There is strength in this mess,

But more so there is courage.

To take on each and every day,

Without being discouraged.

You’re doing an incredible job,

And you’re not alone.

Please know that I see you,

And I’ll walk with you into the unknown.

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2 responses to “Angst”

  1. thriftplanenjoyd34977dd4e Avatar

    Beautiful words. Needed it today. Made me smile.


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