The other day I came to the realization that over the last 10 years I have been conditioned to place other people’s needs and desires in front of my own, even if that meant self betrayal or abandonment. 

Outside of putting myself last, I’ve also settled into survival mode where I used that conditioned behavior to avoid much needed deeper internal reflection (as if that has become a tool for my own avoidance).

As these tendencies become more clear and I actively work on discarding them from my learned behavior patterns, I recognize that a lot of my personality has been built up around self-preservation, external conditioning, and masking.  

And as these masks begin to fade I’m left with an even deeper realization that I do not fully know myself. 

The core of my being is ingrained in me like tree roots in the ground. My roots have allowed for massive amounts of growth that often looked tempting for others to enjoy. They come to harvest my fruits, break off my limbs, cut down the trunk, and take advantage of the progress I had made. I grew branches labeled boundaries, desires, and needs, and watched as they were stripped away. 

I sift through these years of adapting my shape, size, voice, expression, and image to fit the needs of others and wonder who it is that I really am. 

I’m not searching for the surface answer. 

I won’t be sifting through the weeds to gather a handful of undergrowth. 

I’m digging for the dirty, raw truth.


What ideas are my own and which have been given to me?

Why does my mind react in such a way?

Where are these emotions pouring from and how can I support my healing? 

What is my heart saying? 

What is my body responding to? 

What are my toxic traits and how can I work through them? 

What do I want?

What do I need? 

All of these answers reside somewhere in the depths of my being and I’m on the path of uncovering these answers.

This is my unraveling.

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Dear me,

I hope one day you realize your worth. That one day you can look in the mirror and love yourself for no other reason aside from unconditional love.  I hope one day you feel courageous enough to say the word no without attaching any guilt to it. And perhaps you’ll understand that guilt is a […]


I had a panic attack the other day. My mind wants me to believe that it came out of the blue but my heart knows that’s not true. At first it felt like my body was being constricted, in my mind conflicted. Following the pacing I hit the couch, curled up in a ball with […]


I witnessed a Birth today.  Not just a metaphorical birth, but the actual birth of a child – my niece.  My sister has traveled into the labor realm three separate times before today to retrieve her children, and each birth has been drastically different.  I cannot speak for her experiences. I can only speak from […]

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