This year taught me all about duality- 

Love and hate,

Light and dark,

Surrender and power,

Vulnerability and strength,

Sickness and health,

Peace and turmoil,

Internal and external,

Selfish and selfless, 

And releasing the old to welcome the new. 

I don’t think I have the words to truthfully convey how hard this year has been but also how important the lessons were. 

I’m tired, grateful, overwhelmed, full of love, and so ready for a season of lighter lessons and healthier beginnings. 

I have been taking time to reflect not only on this last year but also this last decade and I’ve pulled many memories/emotions up to the forefront to re-evaluate how my life has been shaped. 

It’s sticky, messy, chaotic, and sometimes scary to dig deep and work towards acceptance. However, it’s our job as humans/friends/parents to continue to adapt and evolve, to not get stuck living the life of your former self, to keep embracing the changes that need to be made so that you can show up fully for yourself and those around you. 

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Dear me,

I hope one day you realize your worth. That one day you can look in the mirror and love yourself for no other reason aside from unconditional love.  I hope one day you feel courageous enough to say the word no without attaching any guilt to it. And perhaps you’ll understand that guilt is a […]


I had a panic attack the other day. My mind wants me to believe that it came out of the blue but my heart knows that’s not true. At first it felt like my body was being constricted, in my mind conflicted. Following the pacing I hit the couch, curled up in a ball with […]


I witnessed a Birth today.  Not just a metaphorical birth, but the actual birth of a child – my niece.  My sister has traveled into the labor realm three separate times before today to retrieve her children, and each birth has been drastically different.  I cannot speak for her experiences. I can only speak from […]

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