Uncharted territory

I often forget how our bodies are naturally in sync with the seasons.

There are periods throughout the year where my body begs for activity and there are moments when it begs for stillness.

Right now I’m somewhere in between.

Some days my mind wants the movement and my body doesn’t care to keep up. And then on the flip side, I feel days where my body is ready to rumble and my mind throws every excuse possible to stay paralyzed. 

In the past, I’ve expressed anger and frustration towards myself when I can’t keep up with a random routine or a perfected self image.

I’d beat myself for the weight I hold onto in the winter or the periods of rest I take in the summer (because if the sun is out I should be up and active.. right?)

At this point in my life it feels as if I’m trying to tip-toe into this space of acceptance.

A place of little to no self expectations and radical honesty when deciding who I am and what I want, because that’s MY healthiest option. 

Some days I rest, some days I move, some days I eat too much chocolate, and some days I curl up on the floor while I attempt to stretch my hips. 

The collective turbulence is still at an all time high and we’re all just doing our best to thrive in this uncharted territory. 

Deep breath, friends. 

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