We communicate with animals without even realizing that we’re having full blown conversations. This nonverbal connection that we share is so intricate and intimate, yet so simple. All we have to do is choose to listen. Often times we speak for them, or at them, rather than allowing them the space to truly get across what it is they’re feeling. Whether is audible or not, there is communication. 

A glance of an eye, a nod of a head, stomping of their feet, maybe they turn and walk away; all of these things are ways that we can tune in. 

I think as a society we’ve mastered communication with dogs, even now there are tools to allow them to use our language to better communicate.

But what about  some of the other creatures that we come across? 

Can we soften enough to understand the pause between the butterflies flap of their wings? Can we observe the teamwork that ants showcase and hear them working together? Can you hear a horse put up resistance when he pins his ears back to his neck? 

Their language might be foreign to us, but the language of understanding is universal. It just requires us to soften, witness, and be fully present with whoever we come across, big or small. 

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Dear me,

I hope one day you realize your worth. That one day you can look in the mirror and love yourself for no other reason aside from unconditional love.  I hope one day you feel courageous enough to say the word no without attaching any guilt to it. And perhaps you’ll understand that guilt is a […]


I had a panic attack the other day. My mind wants me to believe that it came out of the blue but my heart knows that’s not true. At first it felt like my body was being constricted, in my mind conflicted. Following the pacing I hit the couch, curled up in a ball with […]


I witnessed a Birth today.  Not just a metaphorical birth, but the actual birth of a child – my niece.  My sister has traveled into the labor realm three separate times before today to retrieve her children, and each birth has been drastically different.  I cannot speak for her experiences. I can only speak from […]

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