Poetic and flawed

If someone were to ask me what my yoga practice feels like, I’d probably say that it feels something like a shadow of a self portrait. 







And extremely flawed. 

An eleven year relationship that continues to unfold and provide opportunities for growth. And sometimes it feels more like a story in motion than a disciplined practice.

Lately it’s been feeling like a chore to take the time to move, feel, and express. There’s looming darkness that wants to be explored. But in knowing that there are spaced to unlock and emotions to unravel, the mat becomes a daunting place to step onto.

There is no running from yourself when you tap into your breath. That mind and body connection brings puzzle pieces together whether you’re ready for those realizations and releases or not.

But of course, when I gift myself the freedom to openly express emotion and creative energy without hesitation, I find that I’m often time overwhelmed with gratitude. 

Gratitude towards myself for putting in the effort, towards allowing my thoughts to run wild without reacting, towards feeling things that I’ve been hiding from.

I am constantly unraveling to settle deeper into self. 

On this day, 3 years ago, I wrote:

“Full of light, 

even on my darkest days. 

Rediscovering myself 

as my role, 

my body, 

my responsibilities, 

and my identity

all take new form. 

Full of gratitude

for each and every step of this journey.”

It’s never ending, this journey. 

Life and breath move in circular motion. 

And I choose to move, flow, and dance in circles to match the rhythm.

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Dear me,

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3 responses to “Poetic and flawed”

  1. Your yoga skills are impressive! Great poem as well!


  2. Beautiful, powerful words.

    I love your writing and well done on mastering yoga!


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