Alternative storytelling #4

We can learn a lot from nature.

We can shed our layers.
Unravel into transformation.
Protect ourselves.
Allow ourselves to be vibrant.
Or choose to blend in.
Stand firm in your truth.
Create strong networks.
Grow roots in places where you thrive.
And continue to tell your stories.

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Waves of words crash onto the shower breaking up the flow of thought. I’ve kept so much inside that I cannot choose a path to walk down, I feel overwhelmed. Over the years, trauma and fear have built up these stories that are fine tuned with guilt and instead of sharing that truth, I chose…


The season is changing and so am I.  Allow me to reintroduce story.  My name is Sami, short for Samantha.  I was born and raised in Parkland which is located in South Florida. My family was a tight unit up until around 2009 when shit hit the fan and life drastically changed. I moved out…


Depression can linger behind a soft gaze, a sweet smile, a roaring laugh, and a gentle kiss. Depression can disguise itself as short breaths, nervous laughter, denial, and belly pains. Depression isn’t just sadness all the time or crying for no reason. We have taught ourselves (and been taught) so many different ways to ignore…

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