I learned a couple of things from being a birthworker- 

  1. How we speak to ourselves and others directly affects our ability to trust, surrender, grow, and become. 
  2. Memories live inside the body, traumatic or not, and shape you/your decision on the outside. 
  3. Learning how to reframe words could make all the difference between devastation vs empowerment. 
  4. Birthing a baby into this word can’t not change you as a woman. 
  5. Every single person that has been birthed into this existence has a different birth story. 
  6. There are countless women who want to provide a voice for those who feel as if their voice has been taken away. 
  7. Sometimes it can take months, even years, to process a single moment and realize the truth behind what your heart has been feeling. 
  8. The birth work world is a lot larger than I would have guessed. 
  9. Bodies intuitively know how to birth a baby. 
  10. We have moved so far away from our instinctual nature that somehow we’ve forgotten our true strength and power. 

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If you’re not ready

Dear courageous friends, I have some insight to offer that I wish I would’ve received. If you’re being called to review your past, to unfold some layers, and check in with your younger self, please know that it’s going to hurt. I would proceed with caution if you’re not ready for expansive growth. If you’ve…


Out here in the dry salt flats of Nevada, time stands still. The air is thick and dust filled. I draw a line on the windshield of my car in the exact same spot everyday to watch how many layers of dust settle here. A lingering stench of what I would imagine a bag of…

Rapid Rebirth pt. 3

My daughter, Liana, arrived at 2:54 in the morning, on September 7, 2018, less than three hours from the start of contractions. According to the American Pregnancy Association, rapid labor is characterized by labor that can last as little as three hours, also known as precipitous labor. I had never heard of this term prior…

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