Alternative storytelling #7

Rocky terrain.

We observe these features that have been carved out
over many years of weathering storms.
We’ve used this rocky terrain as a place of community,
a place to hide,
a place to climb,
a place to live,
and a place to worship.
Upon feeling the texture of a rock
our minds immediately define what we feel as rough or smooth.
Yet we rarely get upset at the sharpness,
nor do we expect them to be polished.
So why do we put this pressure on ourselves to soften all of the sharp edges and appear perfectly polished when we’re constantly shaped by the passing storms as well?

**all photos were taken by me**

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Out here in the dry salt flats of Nevada, time stands still. The air is thick and dust filled. I draw a line on the windshield of my car in the exact same spot everyday to watch how many layers of dust settle here. A lingering stench of what I would imagine a bag of…

Rapid Rebirth pt. 3

My daughter, Liana, arrived at 2:54 in the morning, on September 7, 2018, less than three hours from the start of contractions. According to the American Pregnancy Association, rapid labor is characterized by labor that can last as little as three hours, also known as precipitous labor. I had never heard of this term prior…

Rapid Rebirth pt. 2

“Matt, Matt, wake up. I think something’s happening,” I whispered as I hunched my nude body over the side of our bed. I was dropping in and out of reality, and riding this new awareness of sensation. I felt bones shifting, muscles contracting, and electrical impulses dancing up and down my spine. This shockwave was…

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