Fight or flight

I have lived in fight or flight for what seems like an eternity.

Caused by a series of traumatic (to me) events and maintained by behavioral patterns and external situations.

I’ve either been fighting to avoid my former self or fleeing to get away from what was triggering my current self.

In turbulent times, I become fueled with reactions.

I respond with emotion and try to explain myself with logic; and I feel like at times it should be the other way around.

One can’t logically explain emotions.

Emotions are felt and experienced. Logic is reasoning and factual.

I’ve been dwelling heavily in my emotional body and while there’s always something to learn, there is also balance.

I have been reflecting a lot these days and facing parts of myself that I’ve chosen to run from time and time again.

Some days I put up a good battle and some days I’m really ready to take flight.

But sometimes there’s a pause.

There’s a moment of in between space when I make time for myself.

Dancing, moving, feeling, painting, loving, laughing, resting, crying, cooking, singing, breathing, being, or literally anything that adds fuel to my fire.

And those are the days that are keeping me grounded.

One response to “Fight or flight”

  1. And a very good advise you have given to yourself. Wonderful. Oh and just a thought, when people say the reaction of fight or flight, psychologically and physiologically it is a misstatement as what happens in those situations is that we freeze then decide fight or flight. Lovely post and greetings from Spain.

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