My love

She shows compassion as she hugs me when I say I’m not feeling well. 

She makes me laugh with funny jokes, looks, comments, and dance moves. 

She cuddles me every night before she falls asleep.

She’s intuitive and knows when she’s had enough. 

She understands me when I speak and sometimes responds without words. 

She shows me what it means to be brave when she speaks up for herself. 

Her interest and respect for animals show the instinctual meaning of love. 

She is inquisitive, empathetic, and introspective.

She asks questions and wants to know how things work.

I watch as she processes her day through imaginative play or whimsical performances.

She reads/recites her favorite books and songs, proving to me that her brain is an absorbent sponge. 

She asks about her family and friends all throughout the day because she genuinely cares. 

She saves affection for times when it’s truly meaningful.

Sometimes she holds my hand and sometimes she runs away from me. 

Her brain is expanding at a rapid speed.

She is eager to learn about the world around her.

She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to put up a debate.

Most days we are in sync and other days we bump heads. 

She is kind, aggressive, bold, brave, respectful, outspoken, energetic, soft, creative, analytical, intelligent, wise, and silly beyond belief.

She’s taught me more in these 4 years than I ever could have learned without her.

And I am grateful beyond words that she chose me to be her mother.

2 responses to “My love”

  1. Truly said. Watching a child growing up teaches us a lot. A beautiful experience it is, I must say.


  2. So sweet! Motherhood is such a journey!

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