Your body is allowed to change.

Your body is allowed to fluctuate.

Your body is allowed to ebb and flow.

You are not expected to look the same as you get older

Your body is allowed to change.

You can change your mind on the clothes you want to wear or the personal decisions you choose to make.

You’re allowed to unlock the tension in your belly and stop sucking in to hide your natural curvature.

You’re allowed to have belly rolls.

Your thighs are allowed to brush against each other. Even if it’s uncomfortable, that doesn’t make it a negative part of yourself.

You can change your hair color, hair length, the way you wear your hair.

You can stop shaving or start shaving or do a little bit of both.

You can wear the glasses more often as your eyes shift with age.

Your body is allowed to change.

Your hips might reposition after you carry a child.

Your uterus may never go back to it’s pre-baby size, so the shape of your belly is allowed to change.

Your breasts may get heavier, deflated, smaller, less sensitive, more sensitive, or you might choose to have them reshaped.

You’re allowed to change your body.

You’re allowed to love your body.

You’re allowed to be uncomfortable in your body.

You don’t have to like it all the time.

You don’t even have to love your body all the time.

But the one constant should be respect.

Respect comes with the strength, power, and will to carry on, even on the bad days.

Your body has been there for you.

Fighting all the fights.

Moving through all the waves.

Running, jumping, playing, loving, hiding, growing, healing, and transforming.

You’re in a constant state of transformation.

And you’re allowed to change.

Be gentle with yourself, friends.

2 responses to “Variations”

  1. This is very satisfying to read .
    A beautiful and positive share


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