Alternative storytelling #17

“We need to have a paradigm shift in our consciousness. If we don’t get our act together and come in commonality and understanding with the organisms that sustain us today, not only will we destroy those organisms, but we will destroy ourselves.” – Paul Stamets

*all photos taken by me*

  • Dear me,
    I hope one day you realize your worth. That one day you can look in the mirror and love yourself for no other reason aside from unconditional love.  I hope […]
  • Panic
    I had a panic attack the other day. My mind wants me to believe that it came out of the blue but my heart knows that’s not true. At first […]
  • Laborland
    I witnessed a Birth today.  Not just a metaphorical birth, but the actual birth of a child – my niece.  My sister has traveled into the labor realm three separate […]
  • Dear Liana,
    The moments I have with you will never be enough.  Some days I am flustered and some days I am present, some days I feel beat up and other days […]
  • Unraveling
    The other day I came to the realization that over the last 10 years I have been conditioned to place other people’s needs and desires in front of my own, […]
  • Interconnected
    Trauma is not only stored in the mind, it’s also stored in the body.  In the mind we store developed coping mechanisms, learned behaviors, and habitual surfaced responses. Here in […]

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