10 reminders

The trauma response that the body reacts to and holds onto is sometimes very different than what the mind perceives to be “traumatic”. You and I can go through the same experience and walk away with completely different emotions. We can read the same article and have two individual opinions on the information presented. Your life experience is incomparable to the person next to you or the people you follow on the internet. It’s fair to say that the comparative culture is toxic and overpowering. We have been provided with many platforms that allow us to give sneak peaks into our lives. Sometimes those snapshots just show wins and beauty and progress. This highlight reel can often evoke a sense of “not doing enough” or “not _____ enough” so I’m here to remind you of somethings:

  1. We are human beings, not doings. No need to do something all the time. Just be.
  2. Traumatic experiences look/feel different to everybody.
  3. You are more than enough with who you are right now in this moment.
  4. Someone else’s win is not your defeat.
  5. Your traumas do not define you.
  6. Your authenticity is valued and appreciated even when it looks different than someone else’s.
  7. Comparison is not healthy.
  8. To experience light is to know the dark.
  9. Sometimes you have to step back and put your mind back in its place (aka the present).
  10. Be gentle with yourself.

2 responses to “10 reminders”

  1. You are an incredibly gifted writer, mother, storyteller and the list goes on…..I appreciate your struggles and your sharing❤️Raw, honest, true to the bone. Your daughter is your canvas of beauty and all things pure and natural. Such a fortunate bond you have together.

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    1. Thank you kindly for such a warm and thoughtful message, Cynthia ❤️


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