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Every doula (birth/postpartum) can offer something unique to every family.

I truly believe in personalized care depending on what you want your experience to look like. I offer creative perspective, compassionate insight, and the ability to hold space. Instead of opinionated responses, I offer informative references, soft energy, strong and helpful hands, and a really big heart. I understand the vulnerability it takes to allow someone into these raw, intimate moments and because of that I humbly accept the importance of my role.

Postpartum Care

Upon consultation, we will come up with a care plan that coincides with your last few weeks of pregnancy leading into postpartum. With multiple options from 30 hours to 60 hours, we can schedule days/hours throughout the following weeks for me to come to your space and offer care. Care, in the postpartum days, rests on a large spectrum of responsibilities. During our time together I will provide space to process pregnancy/birth, guidance during sibling/pet integration, baby soothing, mother nurturing, partner support, light household duties that support mothers well-being, friendship, solidarity, information/education, breathwork guidance, safe and effective body movement routines, emotional support, an extra hand, and so much more. We can personalize your care and adapt as the days unfold because you deserve the time and the space to organically adjust into this new life with your baby.

Birth story

The flurry of emotions during such a vulnerable phase creates the perfect opportunity for a real, raw interpretation of you and your baby’s birth. We will work together, at your pace, to process the details (small and large) that brought you into parenthood. Though the 9 months of pregnancy felt like it lasted forever, the memory will quickly fade, as will the memories of birth. From pain to pleasure, fear to excitement, grief with overflowing joy, let me help you remember your power and the journey of becoming a parent. As you navigate your postpartum period and begin to connect all the pieces, together we will create a well written birth story for you to always cherish and look back on. 

4th trimester photo book

We tend to focus on the well sculpted images of birth and the 4th trimester but the reality often looks very different. Postpartum is a brief moment in time that pushes every limit and boundary. We lose track of space and time and the days feel like a blur. Some moments are filled with beauty while others are just a plain and simple mess. I truly believe that all of those moving pieces and intimate moments should be captured (with your permission). Not only does this help to complete your birth story but it helps to keep the delicate memories forever in your hands and hearts, even if it escapes your memory. During our visits and time together, I’ll capture small moments to showcase the larger picture of the 4th trimester in such a way that the raw details never get left behind. These pictures can be downloaded digitally or presented in a tangible picture book. 

“When I was planning the birth of my first child, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to work with a doula, but when I met with Sami Zabner, I knew I wanted her to help with my birth. Sami spent time educating me while I was pregnant and always took the time to answer my questions. She was a crucial partner during my 60 HOUR hospital labor. Whenever the doctors would recommend an intervention, she would help explain the intervention, its possible side effects and potential alternatives. I ended up opting for an epidural at one point and felt absolutely no judgment from Sami. She was there to support and encourage me. As I was pushing in the final hours, Sami was the most incredible coach. She knew exactly what to say to help me find the energy for the next round of pushing. As our sweet boy arrived, she took the most beautiful pictures of his birth and our new family.
Sami’s role hasn’t ended there. She has been the most amazing support as I’ve navigated the fourth trimester of postpartum life. She has quickly identified days that I’ve needed extra encouragement and she continues to help me and my son adjust to our new normal.
If you’re looking for a doula that will encourage you, advocate for you, support your vision for birth and care for you throughout pregnancy/childbirth/postpartum, Sami Zabner is

– Cassie

Let’s take on motherhood together.