My name is Samantha Zabner but you can call me Sami.

I am currently serving the north Florida community of Jacksonville (and surrounding areas).

Who I am is still being written.

My story is still being revealed, just as my life is continuing to unravel. I’ve lived many lives and taken many new shapes as I have traveled through the last 30 years of my life. Throughout my experience, I’ve learned that the cliche about change being the only constant isn’t the only truth. While life changes and new situations are presented often, the true constant is compassion. Compassion towards ourselves and the people passing through our lives is one of the most important lessons I’ve settled into.

I am a mother to a 4 year old rock star of a human, and it hasn’t been an easy ride. For most of the 4 years I have been a single mother. I learned how to navigate motherhood, postpartum depression and anxiety, financial struggle, burnout, heartbreak, and a shattered foundation while showing up for my daughter and myself. All while unlearning the conditioning of society of who I (as a mother) was expected to be, how I was expected to look and act.

With all of my power I will stand up for voices to be heard, emotions to be held, and space to be given to people as they enter into the realm of parenthood. Whether it’s your first baby or your last, the care you deserve is there if you’re willing to invest in yourself.

I see you and I’m here for you.


DONA – Doula Certification (2019)
During our doula certification course we cover all aspects of birth and birth-related topics. We learn about the medical resources that we can offer as well as the emotional support we can provide. I worked with MUMDA, a local doula agency, and was able to provide support for a large handful of families (from hospital births to homebirths). I created and taught a “Birth ball and breath” workshop as I continued to find new ways to serve the community.

YOGA DEN – Yoga teacher certification (2014)
During the course of my 200 hour teacher training, I learned about the anatomy of a human body and how to safely navigate in and out of beneficial poses. I became intrigued with the importance of breath and quickly took on a full schedule of teaching 6 yoga classes per week with emphasis on breathwork and present moment. This eventually lead to a 300 hour teacher training where I became certified in prenatal/post-natal yoga, chair yoga, mind/body yoga, and many more. I eventually shifted my focus from teaching adults to guiding children. Body awareness can be cultivated from a young age and I found joy in creating a playful environment and class for kids of all ages to move, breath, and explore.

MOTHERHOOD – we should get certifications (2018)
My birth story is one of many emotions. It was the end of a relationship, the birth of my daughter, and the rebirth of myself. In many ways I wish I had the ability to rewrite how it unraveled, but if that were the case I probably wouldn’t hold this much passion in supporting you and your family.