The Sacred Body

"Postpartum doulas provide essential support to help new families to get the best possible start with their new baby." 
-International Childbirth Education Association

The fourth trimester is the transitional period between birth and 12 weeks postpartum during which your baby is adjusting to the world and you are adjusting to your baby. Individualized support is necessary during this time to create space for healing, processing, nurturing, and family integration.

The responsibility of a postpartum doula is to provide culturally appropriate emotional, physical, and informational support to help your family recover and grow comfortable with your new roles. A postpartum doula can help to form a strong, compassionate foundation as you navigate the early days of birth and rebirth.


What can I offer?

Beyond companionship, guidance, emotional support, solidarity, advocacy, and trust:

  • Birth processing
  • Partner support
  • Family integration
  • Light household duties
  • Cultivation of the environment
  • and more!


Who am I?

My name is Samantha Zabner. I am a woman, a mother, a doula, a yoga guide, an artist, and a human who craves community and compassion. I find beauty in small details, slow moments, raw emotions, and messy transitions. Having navigated the birth transformation without much support, I want to change the narrative for people around me and do what I can do offer a safe space for families to ease into such a dramatic shift. The fourth trimester is such a crucial time in parenthood and I’m here, ready to advocate for your mental and physical well-being.

There is healing to be done, bonds to be cultivated, breaths to take, and space to be held.

I want to make sure you know that you’re not alone.


“I’ll never forget how supported and held I felt during my postpartum period after my 2nd childbirth. Sami brought me warm oatmeal and tea, listened to me cry about my emergency c-section, helped me process and heal, and love on my babies so I could shower and care for myself. Her care and companionship during those fragile moments helped me in ways I can’t even describe. I’ll be forever thankful.”

– Alycia

“I was debating on doula services mainly because I didn’t know much about them. Out of the blue, I met Sami, she mentioned she was a doula and offered to meet up so she could answer any questions I may have.
We hit it off wonderfully, she was so easy to connect with and really gave me the sense of security I was needing to make my decision. It was also nice to know she had a sisterhood of other doulas that supported her as well
. The resources she provide for all my questions were endless. From exercise, diet, pain management, to birth plans and everything in-between.
Being that my first birth was via C-section, I was very determined to have a VBAC and wanted to do everything in my ability to promote the birth I really wanted. I am confident Sami’s role played a major part in my success. I had a few obstacles in my pregnancy but through it all Sami kept me informed, educated, and made me feel supported which was so valuable. She made it her priority to make sure my body, soul and spirit maintained in good health. I will chose Sami over and over again and would highly recommend her to all women. Looking forward to doing this all over again in the future 😊 We did it and I am so thankful!”